Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Update on the Boys

Allen is 21 months almost 22 months. Wait he's going to be almost two?! That can't be possible. He's all boy.
Some of his favorite things to do include: chasing Emma (Doodle) around the house and screaming ahhhhh while doing this, dipping anything and everything in ranch dressing, taking selfies on mommy and daddy's phone, and catching/chasing lightening bugs (bug bugs) in the yard.
His vocabulary has expanded so much. Trying to list everything he is saying at this point would be a huge list. Some words that come out more often than not are: purple, no, doodle, uh oh, mama, dada, nana, papa, please, and trac-tor.
He is a riot to be around and always keeps a smile on my face...except when he wakes up in a bad mood. Who would've thought a toddler's mood could set the tone/mood for the whole day. In that case his little butt gets sent back to bed for an early nap in hopes that he wakes up in a better mood. Not like this is currently what's going on today or anything. *insert sarcasm here_____*

Abram is 5 months almost 6 months. He's growing like a weed and it seems like he's trying to catch up to his big brother. He loves Allen. It's so cute to see the two of them interact with each other.
Abram loves any kind of toy that he is able to put into his mouth. He loves being tickled and is becoming more and more sociable. He wants to be a part of the group. Abram loves to copy and know officially how to blow raspberries. Pretty cute to hear in the backseat while you're driving. He's discovered his feet and is very close to putting those in his mouth as well. He rolls from belly to back and back to belly. He scoots backwards and has enough strength to plank and then his arms give out and he belly flops. This is quite hilarious! A giant ugh comes out when he belly flops.
Abram has started on rice cereal and he's not a fan. The face he makes while feeding him almost looks like we're feeding him poison. I need to get my butt and gear and starting making some baby food for him since that is going to be here any day now. What should his first official food be? Peas? Carrots?

Abram has a 6 month checkup here in a couple weeks and I will have official weight stats. Allen does have a checkup until he is 2. The family as a whole is doing great. More updates to come soon.

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