Friday, July 11, 2014

At a loss for words

Well we've officially hit a speed bump when it comes to the house. Without getting into too many details we're just hoping and praying that the bank with work with us. After a long trip to and from Gurnee just to find out that we can be doing the work it left Adam and I completely frustrated and at a loss for words. To say the least.  I drove home so Adam could make some calls and the car ride was pretty silent for quite awhile. I was such a mix of emotions. I prayed a lot on the drive home and that left me somewhat even more angry. Weird. I don't know if I was looking for some aha moment but I didn't get one.
Well today I decided that it was a new day. I would get caught up on my bible study and have some quiet time with God. In my study I was met right where I'm at. Funny how that happens. I was smacked right in the face about quiet time, prayer, what I'm leaving out and trusting and know that I am human and He is God. Thank you for that one God. Didn't see that one coming but I appreciate it.
This led me to thinking am I spending enough quiet time with my Savior? Or am I just brushing it off thinking I can get to that later? I think right now i fall somewhere right in the middle. I think as a person, as a mother, as a wife it's very important to keep my relationship with God close and all of the others will fall right into place.
So in conclusion I'm left completely humbled, renewed, and thankful. I know God's upper story something great is coming from the stress and trouble going on down here in my lower story.

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