Friday, June 20, 2014

One-Handed Master and A Case of the Paci Monster

Before I even start this post I love my boys to death and I'm not complaining one bit about staying home with them. It's the greatest job I could ever have and I would not change it for the world. Now that that's covered...moving on.

I have become a one-handed master. Now get your head out of the gutter, I'm a mommy of two let's be real. 90-95% of the time Abram is content being worn in my amazing K'tan or is happy in his bouncy/vibrating chair. Otherwise he is having a World War III meltdown. So I get to put a baby on my hip and go about my normal routine while still caring for Allen. Why do I feel like this is part of a county song, well anyways. The time that I am the best one-handed master is while I'm trying to get Abram down for a nap and I'm gently patting him to sleep and Allen wants me to read a story. Yep, I've got this routine down pat. Abram's current napping area is a blanket laid out on the loveseat.
Don't go juding ya'll. He's still super tiny. When he sleeps he is out, and I'm never too far away to keep an eye on him. We do have a pack and play that I could put him in, but it doesn't have the adjustable levels so it's just not practical right now. That is his set sleeping spot for the time being and it works for us. The other times I'm a pro at doing things one-handed: vaccuuming, cooking, laundry, and of course loving on both the boys at which point I have no hands. If you don't have children and you're reading this imagine with me for a mintue that your dominant hand is tied behind your back aka this would be the baby holding hand and now you get to do everything with your opposite hand. It isn't easy, is it?

Now about this dang paci monster. Abram has been so funny with his pacifiers lately. A short time after he was born we introduced the soothie paci to him. We tried these with Allen and they were the ony pacifiers he took so why not try it out with number two. WRONG!!! I even went and spent which seemed like $15 on a dang wubbanub which was all fine and dandy until Abram starting sucking more on the frog instead of the paci itself. I'm not one to push a paci into a baby by any means, but I could tell that Abram wanted something to help with his sucking motion and the soothie wasn't going to cut it. In comes the Nuk. He takes to it fine and Abram likes that the little ring attached makes it easy for him to pull out on his own. He's discovering how his hand work and it's really cute. So now we have a paci that he likes and so instead of having just one I got and buy four. Great this little is set. Nope. I am now down to three because apparently at night there is a paci monster that likes to hide pacifiers and leaves them somewhere that is impossible to find. Has anyone else had this problem or am I just going a little crazy from sleep deprivation? Well anyways I will be on the hunt for this long lost past, thankfully I have three more that will sufice.

I can't leave this post without some cuteness of the boys.

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