Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Our Life Currently

Allen is now 19 months old and showing off 10 almost 11 teeth. From the child who didn't cut a tooth until he was 13 months old to now having 10, it boggles my mind. He is the typical toddler with testing the boundaries, babbling his current favorite, and is full of energy.
Abram is 3 months old. Wait...WHAT!!! Where has the time gone.
Even though Abram looks so similar to his brother in pictures they are on complete ends of the spectrum as babies. I think this has to do with a number of things. When Allen was a baby I was working full time. This time around I have the luxury of being a stay-at-home-mommy. I also believe that both the boys have completely different personalities. Allen is a funny guy just like his Daddy. Abram is a bit more serious. Allen didn't really have stranger danger much at all and Abram most definitely takes a long time to warm up to people. He is a ladies man as I like to call it and is more fond of women than men. Allen loved his paci and for the most part being swaddled. Abram is indifferent about his paci and more or less hates being swaddled. Allen was a side sleeper and Abram is a tummy sleeper. Now before you go trying to give me advice about how these are wrong sleeping positions for the boys I don't really want to hear it. I always go with my mommy instincts and whatever is comfortable for my children I am comfortable with as well. Are you starting to see the differences between the boys? I most definitely am. I have heard from some people that Abram is more fussy, I don't think this is true I just think he likes a little more lovin' and one on one time than Allen did. I do not feel that Abram is a colicky baby he just spends a lot of time with me and so that is his comfort. Okay I'm done rambling about the differences.
I recently read a post on a blog that I like to follow A Mommy In The City where Lauren the writer was seeing differences in her children and was finding that her recent son Macks was fighting with bottles. I think I'm starting to see the same things. My mind is somewhat programmed from what Allen liked and I'm slowly realizing that those same things might not and most of the time do not work for Abram. Abram is breastfed and 95-100% of the time gets fed directly from the tap. On occasion I like to have a break and allow others the pleasure of feeding him as well. We have Tommee Tippee bottles and Avent bottles. As I'm coming to realize he is not doing well with either of these. I think it may be a combination of he doesn't get a bottle often so he doesn't really know what to do with them and/or he's just not a fan of these two bottles. After reading the post mentioned above I think I may try out the Playtex Nipple Variety Pack and see if we can have any success. I'm interested to see what happens.
I recently did a post on how things have changed in our lives going from one child to two. Some other changes going on in my life is I have decided that I need to find the best me...weight wise and health wise. Thanks to mother nature and the warmer weather coming in I have been taking the boys on daily walks. I have for the most part been taking the same route every day as to see how the trek becomes easier and easier with time. I've been using an amazing app on my phone called MapMyRide and it's the coolest thing. It uses the GPS on my phone and tracks my route, counts calories burned, tells me how far I've gone and how long I exercised for. Since May 6 I have walked a total of 30.35 miles. Adam and I enjoy bikes rides together and we have rode a total of 17.54 miles. I've found that I have to rejoice in the little accomplishments that I make because some exercise is so much better than no exercise. I haven't been brave enough to start tracking my weight because for the time being I'm am going with how much better I feel and how my clothes fit. It's been a hard balance thus far because I don't want to overdo it since I'm breastfeeding and lose my milk supply, but I do want to see some changes. I'm hoping with time I will find a good balance. I would also say that I'm making healthy choices food wise. I know I need to up my water intake, I could always add more in. I've found that I haven't found excuses. The weather was moody as I like to call it yesterday so I didn't have a chance to take the boys on a walk. I decided that after the boys went to bed that I was going to walk/jog on the treadmill. I got 3.17 miles in. I'm not trying to brag by any means I'm just making do with what I have and trying my best to not find excuses to not do it. Here's to hoping I keep up the good work and will start to see some changes.

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