Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Postpartum after #2, Things That Have Changed & What Keeps Me Going

Before I even start this post, I have the feeling that I'm going to ramble a bit.

Now three months into this crazy journey of having two under two I feel like I have some funny things that I can share and how my life especially has changed drastically. Please don't take this out of context, but life does change and I'm not complaining. I love being a mommy.

The first thing that has changed is my blogging posts don't get finished in one day. A lot of times a draft is save and it will take me two or more days to finish. I have also been stumped a lot as to what I should be writing about. I have gotten some feedback, but what are some things you would like me to cover. I'm no expert, but I have experience. That counts...right???

Showers are a luxury. I decided early on that the one thing I would do every day is get dressed and look presentable. I didn't want to lounge around all day just because I was staying at home. Now the question is looking presentable and taking a shower every day. ha. I found out early on showering at night was the easiest option because I was guaranteed to get a shower in and I didn't have to be flustered the next day if I hadn't got the chance to take a quick shower. Now don't go thinking that I'm the smelly kid or anything. I don't go weeks on end without bathing just because I'm so busy, but the transition from one to two and getting a little me time is difficult.
Something that goes along with the showering is my hair loss. I should be bald by now at the rate I'm going. Last time and this time around 3 months or so my hormones level out and hello hair shed! I feel like it's coming out in clumps and clumps. Somehow I have a full head of hair, but at the rate I'm going it's going to be gone in no time. Anyone else experience hair loss postpartum. It's one thing that I kinda forgot about and then bam it's there to remind me that it's all part of having a baby. I gave Adam fair warning this time when I noticed it happening, that the shower drain might be plugged and that there might be more hair on random things.

Time to exercise...does such a thing exist?? I had drastic weight loss after having Allen. I can attribute that to breastfeeding and going back to work 7.5 weeks after having him. I don't know if I ever got to fully see my prebaby weight body after having Allen because when Allen was 9 months, I was pregnant again. I know when I was pregnant with Abram I didn't gain nearly as much weight, probably because my body was holding onto a bit from Allen. Maybe I'm being too harsh on myself this time around, but I feel like I'm not losing as much as I did the first time around. I can definitely tell you that my body is not the same as it was prior to having babies and I'm slowly becoming more and more okay with that. And yes the question you're probably all thinking are you fitting into pre-pregnancy clothes. Yes I am. Not bold enough to try it all on just yet, but probably more than 75% of my pre-pregnancy clothes fit. Yes I am taking that as a victory now just to get slimmer and more toned. When in the day am I supposed to work out? And I'm not trying to come up with excuses by any means, and I'm not running out and joining a gym because I feel like that would be money wasted. On nice days like today I make sure to take the boys on a walk, and pushing them in a double stroller is not easy! Adam and I have also been going on bike rides. Which is another added benefit of warmer weather. My only concern is that I'm not doing enough. I really need to sit down and look at my schedule for the day and see where free time happens. Then what do I do with that free time? What are some easy workouts I can do with little time? Maybe an upcoming post will be about the physical activity that I am able to do and where it fits into the crazy schedule of our day.

Shopping. Oy have things changed. Yesterday I think I had one of the most stressful trips to Target ever! Allen decided screaming would be a good option and Abram protested his infant carrier. Good choice boys. I can say without a doubt that shopping carts AREN'T big enough. I have to put Abram and his carrier in the big part of the cart taking up most of it eliminating most of the room for me to put items and Allen in the cart seat. Yup very little room for any items. Shopping with Adam is a breeze. We put Abram in his travel system and Allen in the cart and we have the whole bottom of the cart empty. This is what we do when we do our weekly shopping at Woodman's. It works out perfectly.

After proofreading this things seem a little crazy. What has been getting me through has been my rock of a husband who has been nothing but supportive and helps whenever needed. My family who has been nothing but helpful and loving towards the boys. The last three things that have helped me greatly is my bible/prayer and this book. These three things together have brought a sense of peace and calm to me in the greatest of storm with my two littles. Asking for patience and wisdom in my prayers has been so helpful. Also learning about what things boys will need the most and how I can pray for that has been amazing. Boys are a different breed that is for sure and the saying 'boys will be boys' I'm starting to understand more and more.

I can't leave you without some cuteness from the two littles who I live for each and every day.

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